June 3, 2017


The track cycling community in INDIANAPOLIS is joining velodromes nationwide for the inaugural National Velodrome Day in an effort to educate the public on the healthy and family-friendly opportunities available to them at their local velodrome. 

Take our popular Track 101 Clinic or ride on the Velodrome as a part of this special event day highlighting Velodromes! 

Check out the events we'll be offering on June 3rd and make some plans to stop by!


Activities at MTV for National Velodrome Day 2017

  • Track 101 Clinic, 9am-12pm - want to learn to ride the track? Sign for our Track 101 clinic which will give you an introduction to the history, procedures, skills, techniques, and equipment of track riding and racing in one three-hour class. Register on Truesport.

  • Open Track (track bikes) 9am-12pm - already experienced on the track? Come ride with friends, get a workout in, or just enjoy the 333m banked oval on your track bike in the morning. 

  • Special Road Bike Open Track session, 12pm-3pm - the Velodrome will be open to all cyclists of any age or experience level for riding  n any smooth-tire bike you have. Just sign a waiver and ride... no fee!

  • Check out the track! Our staff will be on hand to answer questions, show you the equipment of track cycling, tell you about the history of this park and its namesake,  and make sure you know what opportunities exist for everyone here at the Velodrome!