introduction to track cycling:

track 101 clinics at the MAJOR taylor velodrome

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 We'll be offering 101 several times in 2018 to introduce riders to the track! Track 101 is REQUIRED before any racing may take place at MTV. Bring your teammates, friends, family members, and riding buddies to Track 101!

Learn about the history, procedures, skills, techniques, and equipment of track riding and racing at this 3-hour clinic, taught in one session on either Saturday or Sunday, 12-3pm. Between a classroom indoor session and a riding session on the track, our instructors will take you through the basics and how to be safe and successful on the velodrome. Following a Track 101 clinic, our instructors ask that you attend at least three (3) hours of additional track time, on Tuesday evenings (intermediate training), before being cleared to race. A certification process (Track 101 or the equivalent course at another velodrome)  is required of all riders, regardless of cycling ability/experience, before riding for an open track session, programming session, or race event at MTV.

To help you commit to the further instruction and experience beyond Track 101, we are offering a NEW RIDER INTRO PACKAGE with special pricing this season. Bundle your Track 101 clinic with three (3) Tuesday night Intermediate Training sessions, including bike rentals, for big savings and a complete introduction to track cycling. More info on T101 clinic registration pages (links below). 

2018 clinic DATES: 

April 21

April 22

May 5

May 6 (Women's Only!)

May 19

May 20

June 2

June 9

June 16

July 1

A certification process is required of all cyclists, regardless of cycling ability, before riding on the track. This is important for the safety of all participants. The clinic will consist of a classroom session to learn about track cycling, equipment, track etiquette, etc., and an "On the Track" session. All riders must use track specific bikes; rental track bikes are available for use (and included in the cost) for T101 clinics. [If you have your own track bike, you are welcome to use it in the clinic, but the instructor must approve the track bike prior to using it on the track.]

  • Who: Any cyclist! Riders ages 15 and under are encouraged to go directly to Wednesday night junior training, no T101 required. 

  • Register:

  • Time: doors open at 11:45am, clinic runs 12-3pm

  • Cost: $65 for adults; $45 for U23/collegiate riders – INCLUDES BIKE RENTAL if needed. The online registration process will allow you to provide rental bike specs.

    • NEW RIDER INTRO PACKAGE: includes Track 101 registration and three (3) Tuesday night Intermediate training sessions (all bike rental included). $95 for adults, $75 for U23/collegiate riders. 

  • What to bring: Completed waiver, pedals for rental bike, appropriate clothing for classroom and riding (clinic mornings may be cold or windy, so please be prepared), water and small snack, and anything else you need to be comfortable

Want a primer on velodromes and track racing? Click hear to read a brief introduction on racing from USA Cycling. 

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2015 Track 101 Graduates

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