After 30 years, a once forgotten Indianapolis space is coming back to life. The Lake Sullivan Sports Complex (LSSC) and the  lesser known oval on the city’s west side – the Major Taylor Velodrome – are poised for a comeback that will have the park and unique track in a state of new found glory.

But the transition won’t happen overnight, nor will it come easily. Support is not only necessary for preservation, but to revitalize the LSSC and create a cycling facility unlike any other in the nation.

The Major Taylor Velodrome alone is one of just two dozen purpose-built bike tracks in the United States. And with the addition of circuits to suit other cycling disciplines at the LSSC, the velodrome will become the foundation for the Indy Cycloplex.

However, the Indy Cycloplex will be more than just a facility for bike competition, track, cyclocross, BMX, mountain, criterium racing and the like. It’s LSSC-home will also offer a vibrant city park (Riverside Regional Park), for those on foot and on bikes.

Yet the LSSC and Indy Cycloplex is nothing without the support of individuals, organizations and corporations. Money and time, donors and volunteers; will you ride for us and with us?

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