Partnership Opportunities

Track Signage

The uppermost edge of the velodrome is ringed with a balustrade, which was completely rebuilt with special composite, weather-proof boards prior to the 2006 season.  The balustrade—also referred to as “the boards” in track racing lingo—provides a unique vantage for spectators to watch the bicycle racing action unfold on the track.  Additionally, “banging the boards” is the preferred method of cheering the racers for many spectators!

By advertising on a board you:

  • Expand visibility with your targeted demographic
  • Make multiple impressions with MTV’s core user groups
  • Gain exposure as board sponsors in race announcements, websites,  advertising, and posters
  • Can enhance the long-term effect of your brand by renting board space for multiple seasons
  • Can expand your impact by leasing adjoining boards
  • Associate your brand with a healthy, dynamic and family-oriented sport!

Board sponsorship includes the purchase of the necessary graphics to apply to the velodrome boards and your logo will remain on the boards for the agreed time.  At that point, you will have first choice to renew your sponsorship.  If you choose not to renew your logo will be removed and we will seek a replacement sponsor.

Board size is approximately 8 feet wide and 30 inches tall. Agreements are available for multiple interior and exterior boards, in one or groups of three. Contact Julie, Business Manager, at jkukolla[@] for pricing and placement.