Indy Cycloplex – The Vision

Marian University became the manager of the Lake Sullivan Sports Complex, home of the Major Taylor Velodrome, on Wednesday, April 27, 2011. With support from Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and the Indianapolis City-County Council, the University is ready to begin a new era for this amazing venue. Now known as the Indy Cycloplex, the park is home to races, clinics, and other events in four cycling disciplines: road, cyclocross, BMX, and track, as well as community events. Many opportunities exist to promote health and fitness to residents of all ages, as well as create a nationally-recognized cycling facility that can host all types of cycling and other events. The Major Taylor Velodrome is one of less than thirty velodromes in the United States and has hosted many international and national competitons over the years.  For more information about these events or to schedule activities, explore our site, or like us on Facebook.


Marian University’s five-point vision for the Cycloplex
  1. A Hub of Alternative Wheeled Sports
    The Lake Sullivan Sports Complex is unique, offering alternative wheel oriented (track cycling, BMX cycling, skateboarding) athletic opportunities. Connected to downtown via the greenway, White River Wapahani Trail and to the north via the Central Canal Towpath, the Complex could be a hub of alternative wheel activity.For track cycling enthusiasts and cycling competitors, the Complex will provide a place to race and ride the track from spring to fall in a variety of programs for riders of all levels. With the completion of the interior road system to create a criterium road course, road and cyclocross cyclists can engage in practice races and clinics on an interior paved ¾ mile loop throughout the spring and summer.
  2. A Center for Year-Round Fitness Activities
    Year round fitness programs and camps for youths, teens, and adults will become the foundation of activities within track, road, and BMX cycling programs (all Olympic disciplines) for all levels of riders. The complex also allows the Indianapolis community to come to walk, run, or ride on an external perimeter loop of approximately two miles. Combined with the Marian University EcoLab, a walking/hiking trail of almost five miles will be available.
  3. An Alternative Transportation Hub
    The complex can be used to support a Park and Ride program. A cycling commuter has the option to park at the Complex and bike downtown, or to ride from as far north as Carmel to downtown Indianapolis stopping at the Velodrome for water or bathroom facilities. After-work spin classes and POWER BOOSTER classes will be offered at the nearby Marian University Cycling Center.
  4. A Center for Sustainable Living
    The complex can be used to provide unique alternative physical education field trip fitness experiences coupled with high quality environmental education programming at the Marian University EcoLab to promote fitness education, environmental education, and overall green living. Summer camps designed to encourage healthy living also will be offered for urban K-12 students.
  5. A Neighborhood Community Center
    The complex can also host concerts, movies, corporate retreats, and special events, charity walk/run events, festivals, etc. Rugby, soccer, and other teams can continue to use the complex. Drum Corps International will use it for a practice field. The parking lot will continue to be used for satellite parking for Penrod, the Indiana State Fair, the Indianapolis 500, and other community events.

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