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The Indy Cycloplex is all about bike racing- and not just on the velodrome. Right next to the oval track at Lake Sullivan Sports Complex is the home of another cycling venue- a BMX track. Though abandoned for many years, under Marian University’s new operation of the property, efforts are underway to restore the track to national-caliber status.


Situated just next to the Major Taylor Velodrome at the Indy Cycloplex, the BMX park is rich in history and has tons of potential. Originally built alongside the Velodrome in the 1980′s, the Lake Sullivan Sports Complex saw large regional and national competitions at the BMX course. Local BMX’ers can remember competing there as late as 2004, but sadly, a lack of City resources and upkeep forced that part of the facility into deterioration and the track fell into disrepair.


As part of the process of reclaiming the park, the Cycloplex staff, with the help of a strong core of volunteers, has overseen the re-design and construction of the course and an overhaul of that part of the property. Thanks to the efforts of many, BMX racing at the Indy Cycloplex is again a reality this summer. After receiving a complete overhaul in 2012, the track continues to receive improvements for racing and training as well as facility tweaks to increase drainage and create a spectator-friendly venue. Stay tuned for more!


The Indy Cycloplex BMX track is the home training facility of the Marian University Knights BMX team –









The Indy Cycloplex BMX track is home to a new Crescent Moon Pro Gate start gate!